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05 Apr Letter of the Law – A Revival!

  Some time ago, our dutiful leader over here at BT Currents, Bill Nolan, brought you a fun and clever series, Letter of the Law, highlighting current employment issues from A to Z.   Well it’s been some time (ok, more than just some – I am pretty sure I helped Bill with the series back when I was in law school) and we are bringing it back!   Needless to say, the letter of the law has changed since then – and because we…

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18 Jan Writing Employee Policies to Address Different State and Local Laws: Three Strategies [VIDEO]

  We frequently report on the Currents blog about employment issues being addressed at the state and local levels, the two most recent examples being Ohio’s legislation on employees with concealed carry permits and efforts in Ohio to limit local minimum wage ordinances. This trend is likely to only grow with the expanding divisions in the country. This quick video discusses three different non-exclusive strategies for drafting policies to cover jurisdictions with different rules:   Have a single policy that complies with all laws (i.e. follow the strictest…

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